“You will never be alone in those paths, I will always be with you my beloved who will never let you go away from me, I also call you and if you do not believe it, I always feel you inside me in every sigh and drizzle of my tears produced by you that I eloquence for having you and kissing you and hugging you with a lot of platonic lust, I wish you by my side always: in life, in my bed, in my heart, in my shower, in my soul, in my mimes, in every hugs, in every bedos, to be able to have you with me for life and to love you and love me “” You are everything a man would want to possess and have for all existence in his life “” You are my great love, you are my life that you give me the wishes of pleasures that I did not find in my existence “” I will love you forever, you are all there is no substitution of the love that I have for you, you are unique “馃挊馃挊



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