I miss you a lot my great love. Please kidnap me from my world and let’s make the story that our love is crying out for us to love ourselves now. Stealing from my father’s house, I need your affections, your kisses, your hugs, and all your love for me. I can not stand a microfroma of so much macro-love that every time they are so obvious that they produce me in my feelings those tears that make me realize how much I love you and how much I need you in my life.



6 thoughts on “YOU ARE MY LOVE

  1. Being a writer is like being a father, something that you will have to prove to yourself every day. Not always the way to the first book, or text published on a blog, is upholstered with tatters of writer’s skin.

    I feel that you are ready to write your first book, the second even the third. You can only write your first book once, you will never go through that innocence again.

    Congratulations. I invite you to visit my blog and read the most recent entry entitled “The aroma of fear”.

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