How are you My Great Lover … You know how I am for You Love. I do not stop thinking about You, My Heart is beating tears for You, never a Woman put my little Heart in that state of melancholy and Deep Love for her , and not only my little Heart cries, but my whole body is crying for You. You changed my lustful, lustful desire for You, for something that was not an Iso woman in me, you transformed me into the poet deeply in love with all of You, including all your Soul. Do not stop loving you, Ree I need all your surrendered that You give me with simple looks and that simple mind touched you with them and You just do that movement of little dance steps that I provoke you and you touch your hands with those bangs and your hair, never a woman answered me in that way my romantic feelings towards her. I owe you everything, I do not know how to return all the “Yes” you are giving it back to me with your eyes, your hands in your hair and especially your natural pink lips that I produce, I do not know how to pay you the Sweetness that you always are with me, I owe everything, You do not even think that you owe me, if it is not me that is in debt for your Loving towards me, My Great Mermaid, that ree me in love with You my Love of my life.



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