When I touch my cheeks with my hands I elocate the desire and the desire that I have to feel those painted lips that when I see it upsets me in such a way that you already know it because the first time I was not asked for permission to take me to your cheeks, now that reasoned I want to apologize for that audacity I had to feel your cheeks with my touches, I need you to discount what you provoke me every time you are in front of me. When I think of that attraction again have your cheeks in my touches, stretch my hand so that you give me permission to touch you in such a way that I am eloquesiendome not to do it again. If you ever surpassed me in that way with you please, if I put you uncomfortable frenada for more I want to eat it, just touch my hands to not produce that action, but if it is the opposite take my hands and take them to you, and support them in the beautiful cheeks that are eloquesiendo me every Once I see you my great and with a lot of affection, I write to you love.



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