With her I am a platonic enamored gentleman that she has transformed me from the first moment that I enter my life. She transformed me into the poetic Ani that I never imagined in what transforms me, she loves me to love written letters, philosophy, literature, especially those that are about love and soul. She was the one to iso-love me, and to ask for the writings that my father publishes in books that is for me a great writer and I try to be like him, she transformed me into the reader who never thought about falling in love and that reader will be revolutionizing her writings simply because she is his greatest muse that always inspires him ….. Now I will talk about you my “lip painted pink” or better said “coffee-mate”. I do not know how to say what you produce to me, in reality you are also provoking me that includes you more and more in my writing. You as she are the sweetest and most beautiful women that provoke in me the transformation that neither I realize the revolution that caused me both to write them both in the same text or separately.Your “lip painted pink “You are also my muse who is transforming me into that romantic reader-writer who transformed me both of you and others.


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