My mermaid … Excuse me … Forgive me when it’s not me. You do not deserve that I’m this way with you, I do not want to be like that with you My Love. You deserve that I give you the best of me, I try, you know it more than anyone else. I do not want to lose you now and never. You are the one that iso me to be what I am today, you know that I am very complex in every way, you know that you are the only one who can take out my anger for the evil that I have some dais, I know that you have a hard time showing me what you feel for My, but I see it every time you are with me, My Love. Please forgive this spoiled melancholic lover of you, I am unique and you are My only mermaid that I love with all my heart and soul. There is none that surpasses you in what I feel for you, I Ree Reem, My Life.



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