My great love has made me a schizophrenic completely in love with you. I hear your siren voice at all times when you’re not with me, I’m eloquesiendome I do not know what to do. I really need you to talk about what is happening to me because of the love you produce in me. My great love, I love you, I love you really do not know how much, you have completely changed my whole existence, my soul asks you to shout to help me spokesman with this burden of love that I will carry for the rest of my existence in this cosmo . Love, I really need you, never turn your back on me, because I never would. Do not keep me in a drawer, because I would not say that to you ever. My great Love, I really need you. You are my Love that makes me write to you like nobody else in my life. I love you deeply and forever you will be my love that I change everything. I love you.



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