My great Love. Today when we saw each other, I wanted you. It was always like that with you My Love. But since you started with that of painting those lips that you have, I went crazy the first time I saw them tinted. I do not stop wanting it with desire to support my hands in that face you have, and eat kisses not once but forever. I want to kiss you those beautiful lips that you have from the moment you entered my life and you installed without previous warnings in my madness to want to bite your lips when they are painted, it drives me crazy. In the days like today that I was melancholy for her, you changed my mood and transformed it into pure joy and desire to hold you in my hands and embrace you as you never imagine that I will. My Great Love, what I feel for her and what I feel for you is what is making me melancholy all the time, I need you like never before to change my life now and forever. I really need you My Great Love of my life.


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