Today more than ever I need to hug you and kiss you as you know how we do it, my mermaid in love, I really need you, I can not stand this melancholy that we both created in our existence, I need your song, your voice, your look in me, your smile, your madness, your walking, your hands with mine, your fringe, your joy that radiates when I am, your lips when you advise me and when you kiss me on my cheeks. I can not take you out of my existence and I believe that my mermaid will never be able to do it, I love you, I get mad, everything trembles when you are with me, even my voice has changed because of your presence in me. You completely changed my life. It was my mermaid that most fell in love in all my existence. I love you, my siren of my life. My infatuation with you is infinite. I love you so much.



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