You are my Honey that sweet my existence. You are my light of my darkness that illuminates my existence. You are the tremor of my heartbeats that do not stop pumping excitement to my existence. You are the voice that turns me out of my senses of being attracted to her that is the cause of that I love you with all my soul, that voice is the cause of my existence. You are the singer that when you sing for me, it causes me to love you like never before in my existence. You are the desire that I would like to fulfill when it is raining because I want to see you humiliated by the rain, that is my great excitement in my existence. You are my melancholy that you produce those droplets of tears in my existence. You are the pink color that is driving me in my existence. I was the sweetest woman in all my existence. You are the cause of this awakening of this writer-poet who never stops writing for you and will continue for the rest of his existence. You are the infatuation of the writer-poet who was asleep but with a simple look of yours you have caused him to wake up with a lot of love passion in all his existence. I am the love of every letter and word he writes for his entire existence. Ere that always carried throughout his life: “Ere his Love, his Life, his Excitement, his Happyness, his Madness, his Melancholy, his Tears, his Sweat, his Tremblings, his Charris, his Kisses, his Throbbing, and more of everything You are your Lover who could not without you in all his existence “.



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