Your My Great Beautiful Mermaid … Thanks to You, in the infinite universe a new romantic poet writer has awakened, that without You I could not write and write to you that in the beams that your Soul grasps his hands to draw in each words to You , with a form that no Woman has provoked that way to describe their feeling of You in writing. You are the reason of your existence, of the every time you see something Beautiful, Beautiful, and unique, it produces in you, especially in your Soul, that sees You in each of those wonderful things that for Him are a reflection of Your Magnificence of Woman that startles everything created in the Universe. You are the Great Muse who awakened and discovered the Romantic Poet Writer. He writes his feelings like you in a way that I never imagined doing in his existence, you revolutionized his existence in a way that the range imagined that Love would leave those writings that he puts his tear-tears with so much effort that costs him. This Romantic Poet Writer who has awakened for Thanks to You, is really changing and is with many plans for the future, he will continue with this that makes him happy and full of ideas, and if it is given in the near future he wants to publish and publish them the same, some writings that do not know the whole world, but this can not be possible without his Great Muse, and his critical look of his sweet Beautiful Mermaid.



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