My mermaid … when it’s time to leave this world, my love for you will still be in my soul. If I had to go to the Christian hell, your love in my soul would save me from the fire that there is, because the fire that my soul feels for you is more ardent loving punishment that the devil himself can not take from my soul. My mermaid … you are my Christian salvation that I never imagined to possess, you are the light of my life, you are the one that calms my instincts of in quequecimiento that are becoming more intense without you, you are saving me from my most intense deadly sins Christian who are increasingly strong in my existence, there is no moment that my heart is crying for having you, you made it crybaby, it does not stop feeling like this for your decisions that you have made since we met, you know it well because those decisions They are fooling you, why are you realizing how I am. My mermaid … I’m not angry, I do not blame you for the decisions you made, you’re all for me, it will never hurt you, but I’m dying to love you and give me my love, you know very well, I’m not like those men who they do that stupidities for simply having lustful pleasures with the women that come to him in his life, you know well how is my heart and soul, because you stole them from my body, and they belong to you externally. My mermaid … You can not imagine how much I love you, my great love of my earthly and earthly Christian existence.


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